The Val di Farma is a large territory rich in virgin hills and forests, where many wild animals live, such as the woolf and the otter.

The Farma and the Merse rivers, which run through the Regional Park, offer beautiful views, like the spectacular sight of the San Galgano Abbey and the Belagaio Castle, where the Forestry Commission graze their maremmano horses, .

We stay overnight in Agriturismo or Refuges in the Forest.



The Val d'Orcia is an area where history, art and stunning landscape merge into one, with the Castles of Monte Antico, Argiano, Casenovole, Poggio alle Mura, Ripa d'Orcia, Rocca di Tentennano and the millenium Sant'Antimo Abbey.

The Brunello di Montalcino vines and the Amiata Mountain form the backdrop to this timeless setting.

We stay overnight  in Agriturismo or, for people who would prefer, in Castles or historic residences.


 THE LARGE WILD AREA CALLED "MAREMMA" among Etruscan ruins and Hermitages, where the BUTTERI, the italian cowboys, work  every day with the horse.

We will ride:

-among herds of wild horses and cows at the archaeological Vulci Park, with it's historic ruins and Etruscan Necropolis often hidden under a luxuriant vetetation, or

-inside  the Maremma Park following the Butteri in their every-day work  reaching the wild Alberese beach.







                                                   ----  TOURIST    ITINERARIES  ----


are about 8 km. from Civitella Marittima.

Well known in Roman times, they were frequented by Popes and Princes. A strong jet of hot water spouts out of the Farma river bank creating little pools before flowing back into the river.

The strong sulphur smell comes from the large quantity of hydrogen sulphate. Entrance is free and you can bath at any time in all seasons.

CIVITELLA and the surrounding Area

The legend says that Earl Ardengo founded Civitella around 1000 AD. Originally called Civitella Ardenghesca, it was renamed Civitella Marittima due to its pure air coming from the sea. The village has some of the best views of the Maremma territory.

Located between Siena and Grosseto, it is easily reachable from the northern and the central Italy and it is near many interesting places.


There are lonely beaches and seaside resorts like Marina di Alberese in the Maremma Park, 

Castiglione della Pescaia, Punta Ala , Monte Argentario, Talamone, and the islands of Giglio end Elba.

There is a wealth of art in places like SIENA, MONTERIGGIONI, MONTALCINO, MASSA MARITTIMA, PIENZA, the VAL d'ORCIA and the millenium Abbeys of SAN GALGANO and SANT'ANTIMO, all of which are no more than one hour drive from Civitella.

There are very important ETRUSCAN RUINS in Roselle, Vetulonia, and Populonia.