7 days--6 dinners and overnights--5 days riding -The Farma Valley and the Etruscan Route.




1° ) day

-Arrival in Civitella Marittima in the afternoon.

Civitella is a medieval village on a hilltop at about 30 minutes from Siena.In our typical stone house in the centre of the village, which dates back to the 17th century, we offer our Guests 4 rooms  with private bathroom in B&B service.Dinner in a typical inn in the village.



2°/3°) days

-Breakfast and departure for a 2 days riding trek in the Farma Valley, a still unspoilt and wild area in a secret and unknown Tuscany, or in Val d'Orcia.


The Farma Valley  is rich in forests and hills, where many wild animals, such as the woolf and the otter, still live.The Farma river area offers amazing views, like the Belagaio Castle, where the Forestry Commission grazes their horses, or the Voltaccia, a lonely beach along the river, where during the summer it is possible to take refreshing baths.

-2 Light lunches -1 dinner and -1 overnight included in Agriturismo  with swimming pool.

In the afernoon of the 3° day we will be back in Civitella Marittima .

 -Dinner and overnight at our B&B.


4°) day.

At about 3,00 pm transfer  to the VULCI PARK (about 1,5 hour by car).

Dinner and overnight in Agriturismo.



Breakfast and departure for a full day trip with the BUTTERI in the VULCI ARCHAELOGICAL PARK, where we will work with livestock among several herds of cows and horses grazing in a wild state. We will ride though ETRUSCAN RUINS and NECROPOLIS.

We will reach the PELLICONE LAKE and cross the VULCI BRIDGE, which is 2500 years old and 35 metres high.

Lunch in a typical inn inside the Park. Dinner and overnight in a traditional "maremmano"  farmhouse.


6°) day

Breakfast and departure for a full day riding trip. We will cross  the CAVONE, an ancient narrow path dug out into the tuff rock, one hundred metres long and 15 metres high, and we will visit the CASTRO ETRUSCAN TOMBS and RUINS.

On the way back we will stop for lunch in a sheephard's inn, where we will taste many different local cheeses, sheep's meat and a lot of vegetables.


-Dinner and overnight in the maremmano Pietrafitta farmhouse .


7°) day


In the 7° day we will reach the STROZZAVOLE WATERFALL and the POGGIO CONTE HERMITAGE in a very wild area.

After a stop and a snack in the hermitage, we will cross a lonely valley where many horses, cows and sheeps graze in a wild state and will return to VULCI PARK. The trek will end at about 4 pm.


PRICE all inclusive is € 1.395,00 per person in double room .

Single room + € 95,00

30% surcharge in case of only one partecipant.